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About Madi

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

Madi was born in Thunder Bay Ontario but moved out west when she was two. She visited the mountains as a child with her grandmother and thought they were the most spectacular thing in the world. Even when travelling around the world she chose countries with mountains to visit. She eventually settled in Nelson, BC where she met her husband. They had a small property with lots of gardens out back, but unfortunately not a lot of sunlight. It took research, experimentation and inventiveness to garden, even in a warmer climate, but with only 4 hours of sunlight tops each day. When she moved to Fernie she was surprised by the cold and wet of June monsoon, the frequent last snowfalls in June-uary and the couple of overnight frosts in the start of September. Once she got the hang of the shortness of the season, but the long hours of sunlight, her love of growing took off.

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