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Welcome to Three Sisters Farm and Greenhouse

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

We moved to Fernie from Nelson in February 2012. It was in our 5 year plan to save some money and purchase some land in the Slocan Valley; however we fell so in love with this valley, even when offered the opportunity of work back in the West Kootenay we couldn't bring ourselves to leave. While growing a garden has been challenging in this cold climate, it has also been richly rewarding and I have learned so much about extending the growing season, plants that grow well here, and harvesting from nature.

Our family grew in November 2012 with the birth of our son. The importance of his health and leaving him a safe and healthy planet to grow up on has been a driving force ever since. The birth of our daughter three years later has helped us shape and grow our roots in this beautiful community.

I was one of three sisters growing up; family means the world to me. So do the mountains, I'm not sure I would be nearly as happy without them framing my world. The iconic trinity of peaks dominating one of the views from our town also inspired the name of our farm. Additionally, companion planting, like the three sisters style of gardening - corn, beans and squash being the sisters - is an inspiration to me. We were so grateful to find this piece of land so close to our beloved community, where we can pursue our dreams of farming and gardening and raising our children in abundance.

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